SQL Server Consulting

Database problems can not only be frustrating, they can disrupt an organization’s ability to do even the most basic of work. Relying on StackOverflow answers to resolve critical system issues isn’t tenable when customers’ satisfaction is on the line. The database is blamed for a lot of issues, but in many cases no one seems to be able to say exactly why or how. Being able to add the expertise of a skilled database administrator to your team can save a lot of :clock10:, :moneybag:, and :sob:.

Get the help you need.

:wave: My name is John McCall and I’m a guy who happens to :heart: databases - more than enough for the both of us! I’ve worked at the largest company in the world and others with less than 100 employees as an all-around database evangelist and champion.

I’m also a marathoner and chronic optimizer in my daily life. That’s why I don’t balk at the persistence and tuning minutiae that are key to making sure SQL Server operates smoothly in any environment. If I’m not answering questions on forums like Stack Exchange, then I’m asking on them, because database problems are what keep me up at night (that, or PagerDuty).

That is also why I’ve written stored procedures like sp_doc, sp_helpme, and sp_sizeoptimiser in my DBA MultiTool and made them free and open source, to help others automate and simplify the parts of database administration that I’ve found lacking over the years. I believe in sharing everything I know, so I keep an updated list of my favorite tools and resources, too.

If you need help, by working with me I can promise persistence, a positive attitude, and a solution to your database performance mysteries. You’ll have my undivided attention and one-on-one access to all of my knowledge and experience - I will readily share anything you want to know or that I believe will help you.


How it Works

  1. We start with a 30 minute GoToMeeting or :phone: call consultation to review your problem and its scope, free of charge.

  2. Whether you want me to fix the entire problem or just diagnose the root cause and let your team do the rest, I’ll create a strategic plan for getting the problem solved.

  3. After we’ve tackled your issue, I provide a write-up of future recommendations, best practices, and resources so that your team can avoid the issue in the future and increase their database-fu.

Ready to start?

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